AntiRagging Committee

Toll Free Number to report ragging : 1800-180-5522

AntiRagging Commitee


     1.Creating ragging free atmosphere in and outside the campus.
     2.Creating awareness among students regarding acts and punishments pertaining to ragging activities.
     3.Creating cordial relations among students for fulfilling organizations mission and objectives.
     4.Creating awareness among students regarding how the self confidence of the individual influences the national interest.

Types of Ragging:

     1.Physical abuse- For example forcing to Smoke, Drink or forcing to Undress.
      2.Verbal abuse- For example swear words and phrases direct or indirect derogatory references to the persons appearance, attire, religion, caste, etc
      3.Forced activity-For example copying notes, cleaning rooms, etc.
      4.Singing or dancing or performing in any other way.
      5.Missing Classes. Not being allowed to study.
      6.Misbehaving with strangers, particularly woman
      7.Staying awake late or getting up at unreasonable times.
      8.Using foul language or shouting or cheering loudly.

Anti – Ragging Commitee Members

S.NoNameDesignationMobile Number
1.  Dr.B.Sujatha MD.DA.,Vice Principal9943236336
2.  Dr.GA.RajMohan MSortho,D.orthoDeputy Superintendent9489988305
3.  Dr.O.Ravinathan MS orthoResident Medical Officer9750969966
4.  Dr.A.Indirani DLOAssistant Resident Medical Officer9443533922
5Dr.C.BabuAnandAssociate Professor9443160658
6Dr.D.GeethaAssociate Professor9443455346
7Dr.M.R.Thirunavukkarasu MDGeneral Warden9843099160
Dr.Kalaiyarasi MSLadies Hostel Warden9994559046
Dr.Valliyappan MDDeputy Warden9988896892
10 Mr.RavichandranAdministrative Officer9787796198
11Mr.ChandrasekarGanesh Nagar police station9498160589

  • Patrolling squads consisting of Assistant Professors and Tutors to keep regular watch within the College and Hostel campus are constituted. (as in the annexure ).
  • All staff members (Teaching, Non teaching and Ministerial staffs ) are requested to extend their help and guidance to the new entrants whenever necessary.
  • The new students should be advised by the staff members, to report to the Dean/ Vice Principal/ Senior Wardens / Residential Wardens / Deputy Wardens/Assistant Professors immediately, if they found any form of Ragging.
  • The Chief vigilance officer is requested make a surprise visit to the hostels during day and night.
  • The General Warden, and Deputy Wardens should make surprise checks and keep watch the hostels during evening hours and Nights.