• CME Programme
  • Ultrasound Guided Nerve block workshop
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation workshop
  • Research Project


CME on Differential Diagnosis and Management of Psoriasis conducted by Department of Dermatology on 29.10.2018


CME Program on Hepatic Transplant conducted by Department of General Surgery


CME on MMR reduction by Department of Obstetrics & Gyneacology on 12.06.2019


CME on Diphtheria :Awareness & Management .organized by Hospital Infection Control Committee on 06.09.2019


CME on Stress Management by department of Psychiatry on 10.09.2019


CME on Biochemical changes in liver diseases conducted by Department of Biochemistry.


CME on World Sight Day conducted by Department of Ophthalmology.


CME on 'Hypoxia-an Update' conducted by Department of Physiology on 12.11.2019




The Department of Anaesthesiology, Govt.Pudukkottai Medical College in association  with Pudukkottai Society of Anaesthesiologists organized a one day continuing Medical Education programme on Sunday.

Dr.AL.Meenakshi Sundaram Dean, Government Medical College Pudukkottai remarked:- Usually the Anaesthesiologist  performs Regional Anaesthesia by blocking a particular nerve which usually travels  closer to bony landmark.  The Anaesthesiologists palpate the bony landmark and presumptively block the nearby nerves with analgesic drugs. As it is a presumptive technique and as the nerves are not directly visualized hundred percent success is not possible and there is a every chance that patient experiences pain amidst surgery.

Now the nerves are precisely blocked by mapping with ultrasound and as the nerves are directly seen and blocked the requirement of drugs is also very less. In the modern Anaesthesiology this is followed and the workshop gives a hands on experience in this technique. This is the first workshop in this subject in any Government Medical college in the country and something special that a college which is only three years old and not having Post Graduate courses is conducting it.

The Chief Guest of the programme was Dr.Muralidhar Joshi from Hyderabad who is the President Elect of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists. The National Secretary Dr.Naveen Malhotra from Haryana and  the Govt.Medical college Dean, Dr.AL.Meenakshi Sundaram were guests of honour.

National President Elect Dr.Muralidhar Joshi requested the  Anaesthesiologists to  concentrate  on pain clinics instead of doing only the opertion theatre work.

The National secretary Dr.Naveen Malhotra explained various welfare measures  adopted by the association for the upliftment of the branch and its  members.  

Dean Dr.AL.Meenakshi Sundaram mentioned that the development of Anaesthesiology in Tamilnadu is remarkable and at present five Medical Colleges are having  Anaesthesiologist  as Dean.

Dr.Rakesh Garg, AIIMS, New Delhi, Dr.Sivashanmugam, Mahatma Gandhi Medical  College and Research Institute, Puduchery, Dr.Sandeep Diwan from Sancheti Hospital Pune, National Governing Council Member Dr.Ganesh Babu delivered lectures on various aspects of Anaesthesiology.

         To celebrate World anaesthesia day, the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists Pudukkottai city
branch and Department of Anaesthesiology ,Government Pudukkottai Medical College jointly
organised cardio pulmonary Resuscitation workshop in the Medical College.

        The Indian society ofanaesthesiologists decided to educate 5 lakhs people on the world anaesthesia day which is celebratedon October 16th every year to mark the day when Morton administered the first anaesthesia inMassachusetts General Hospital ,United States.

       Third year students of Government Medical College Pudukkottai numbering 150 were trained
the art of cardiopulmonary resuscitation with the recently bought manikin costing 8 lakhs with ECG

         The Dean Dr AL Meenakshi Sundaram who presided over the function remarked, “In cardiac arrest
the lower part of the chest bone is to be compressed to a depth of 5 centimetres with the frequency of
120 the cardiac function can be regained artificially. Unusually the respiratory support will be given
by mouth to mouth breathing and people were worried about the transmission of infection during this
process. Hence the Indian society of anaesthesiologists has devised new technique namedCompression Only Life Support (COLS) in which only compression is done under 120 times andmouth to mouth breathing is omitted. He remarked the art of CPR should be taught not only to medicos but also to every human being.”